Domestic Abuse Campaign

Piecing it together

The challenge

Ringrose Law are passionate about supporting victims of domestic abuse, as part of this work they attended Lincolnshire’s first Domestic Abuse Conference with the aim of helping the employers the conference was designed for, raise awareness of the lesser-known signs of abuse. We were asked to design a set of giveaways that would achieve this objective.

Raise awareness within work places

Promote the lesser-known signs of domestic abuse

The insights

Emotional abuse can be difficult to spot | Domestic abuse is a very private subject | Domestic abuse can take on many forms | Finding the right time to reach out to a victim can be challenging

The creative

Our creative aimed to reach employees at different awareness, interest and action stages. We created a pack consisting of an information card explaining the contents, three posters, 20 leaflets and 5 toilet door cards. It was agreed with Ringrose Law on our advice, that raising awareness was primary to the promotional opportunity for Ringrose.


Designed to raise awareness, these thought provoking, dramatic posters reveal the missing elements of an individuals personality due to abuse. Their aim is to show how hidden domestic abuse can be and start the viewers journey in understanding the signs. Three posters were included in each pack, and are perfect for a quiet space such as a hall way or toilet, where they can be engaged with privately.


These were created to provide the reader with more information. The copy was carefully assembled through research and liaison with a regional Domestic Abuse charity and focused on 7 signs of emotional domestic abuse.

Toilet door cards

The toilet door cards are designed to hang on the hook found on a toilet door, these promote two helplines – one for a local charity and the other for Ringrose Laws legal 24 hour helpline. Found in the ultimate of private spaces within a workplace, these cards allow discrete awareness and collection of details for support available.

The impact

50 packs distributed to workplaces across Lincolnshire – if we help just one person get the support they need then this campaign has succeeded. Ringrose Law were also inspired to run a conference 4 months later, aimed at bringing support organisations across their county together and to help explain the important role they each play.

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