Epix captures time-lapse of world record Wall of Death build

by Zoe K
Guy Martin Wall Of Death

Image courtesy of Channel 4

Epix Media’s work is once again about to hit the small screen – when petrolhead and celebrity motorcycle racer Guy Martin attempts what could be the world’s fastest Wall of Death ride.

Our team shot a five-week timelapse video of the building of the enormous Wall of Death, which will feature on the live Channel 4 television show where daredevil Guy rises to a nail-biting challenge.

Epix Media Director Will King said “We were thrilled to be commissioned by North One TV to shoot the timelapse, and once they’d explained what it was we simply couldn’t say no. It’s an unusual but exciting project!”

North One TV produces a number of programmes featuring Guy, and Will installed a custom built ultra-HD the 20ft high Wall of Death as it was being constructed in a hangar near Louth in Lincolnshire.

Epix Media - Director Will King

“This project came about after North One TV decided to get in touch after spotting our website.  It was technically very challenging to consistently capture timelapse images of the build over five weeks, but our team worked hard to make the final video suitable for broadcast. To see the enormous 37.5m diameter wall being built was a real privilege, and when viewers see the first shots of the Wall they’ll be in awe at the sheer scale of it.”

Guy Martin is aiming to set the highest speed yet recorded in a Wall of Death ride, but he will have to pull around 5G (five times the force of gravity) if he wants to hit his target of over 60mph.

Grimsby-born Guy, who is a lorry mechanic as well as a media personality, is expected to complete the challenge riding a specially built custom motorcycle.

Early last year, he did some training with stuntman and Wall of Death veteran Ken Fox (Ken Fox Troupe) to hone the techniques needed to defy gravity and master the Wall of Death.

Whatever happens, it promises to add up to a riveting programme, which Will expects will feature several cuts to the timelapse of the Wall of Death, as it was being built.

“We were incredibly proud to see our timelapse footage feature in the TV ad – to see our work play out live across the UK is always a real buzz.”

The success of the five-strong Epix Media team has seen its recent expansion into premises in The Think Tank in Ruston Way, Lincoln, where it has plenty of space to allow for further expansion.

Will King said “We can’t wait until Guy’s challenge is screened by Channel 4 on Monday 28th March at 19:15. The size of the Wall is truly daunting, but I have every confidence Guy is going to smash the record!”

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