Jacksons Workwear

Creating brand distinctiveness in a competitive market

The challenge

Bring a 230 year old organisation into the 21st Century, and help them stand out against their big national and international competitors who are commoditising and driving the price down of their product.

Stand out from the crowd

Modernise the brand

Support their marketing team

The insights

Through a sequence of brand discovery exercises and workshops with the client, we were able to deep-dive into their audience and industry to uncover the strategic direction for this project.

Workwear is often seen as an add-on task to someone’s role | Bad competitor experiences drive up the client need for good service | Ease is high on the customers’ agenda | The sector tends to follow 2-3 specific brand colourways | Contracts are long, so staying front of mind for a sustained period is vital

The creative

The creative stage saw the brand reimagined and implemented across the entire market suite.

Brand design

Now this is how you stand out! Challenged with big bolshy competitors and a long conversion period – how do you stay front of mind? Solid consistent visuals, distinctive brand assets, and HOT PINK! That’s how.

User Experience-centred website

In a sector full of websites written for SEO and that are full of uninspiring content, we created a new Jacksons Workwear website that tells you what you need to know, reassures the audience, and brings out the uniqueness of the organisation and its people.

Visit the website

Direct marketing funnel planning.

Having analysed the Customer Journey in our insights stage we set about creating a plan that ensured early and consistent engagement over the life cycle of the sales journey.

Striking van design

The delivery team are no less a part of the marketing and customer experiences than the marketing team themselves. The brands had a complete revamp, making the most of the new brand from bumper to bumper!

Creating distinctiveness through video

When planning the Jacksons Workwear brand video – two things really stood out from the Brand Discovery process: Jacksons’ real sense of family, and the commitment of their team members. Everyone we spoke to at Jacksons was proud of the part they played in a business whose roots trace back over 230 years, and those are great differentiating qualities.
We designed this video to introduce potential customers to the Jacksons family, giving them a flavour of what happens to their garments and the people behind them. Little touches like the “Joined” dates and the internal casting of all on-screen and VO roles give the video a real sense of honesty and integrity, values at the heart of Jacksons’ business.


We completed a one off SEO project to further optimise the website – the aim was to create a solid foundation for future growth and optimise for keywords we had identified, these focused on the services they offer that were terms they didn’t currently rank for.

The impact


increase in keyword position


increase in organic search impression


driven by brand impact, and their hot-pink vans
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