APS Student

Standing proud in a commoditised market

The challenge

APS Student were always the first in their area for student property – the first to offer no deposit, the first to make bills all-inclusive, and the first to offer free internet. But in a growing market, their competitors have caught up – so we had to find new ways to make them stand out, look current, and communicate what’s unique to them.

Standing out from the competition

Selling what makes them great

The insights

At the awareness stage, their customers need the facts, fast | No Deposit and No Bills are now easily-copied features rather than unique benefits | They are one of the largest private landlords in their area covering 3 areas of the city | They genuinely care about the quality of their accommodation and the wellbeing of their customers

The creative

A bold brand

We suggested they rename from APS Properties to APS Student – making it clear they are for the student population only. From here we worked on a simple, modern iteration of their logo and a new, bolder colour pallet.

Area branding

Alongside the new logo, we also branded the areas their properties feature in. This provides a number of important benefits to the business including being able to easily communicate that they are large and cover the entire city, as well as providing easy ways for customers to browse their properties.

Clear messaging

Alongside their rebrand, we developed their primary messaging. As a family-run business, the care they take is important to them, but at the awareness stage this messaging is too complex and not a priority to the customer. Student Living Made Easy incorporates some of this, but most importantly, simply tells the customer that everything with APS is easy.

Campaign design

We also developed a campaign idea that works as an extension to the central messaging. This is centred around the premise of simplicity and how student living with APS Student is so easy, it doesn’t need to be rocket science!


The final piece of the puzzle was to roll the new branding out across their properties. We branded their two apartment buildings, and their two properties which act as gateways to The Bank area and the West End area. We also branded their main office reception inside and out, and designed their three vans which are often seen driving around the city.

Comp no: 8029008 VAT no: 160434535