Does your website need a ‘home’ button?:

A research study into UX design practices for websites

Easy navigation of a website can improve conversion rates and create a positive experience for users. After a logo, the main navigation menu is the second most viewed element on a website.

These factors make deciding which links feature on a main navigation menu, a hotly contested debate both in businesses and the UX Design field.

One such debate is whether websites need to have a home link in their main menu. Removal of this link increases space on the main navigation to give priority to more valued links and pages.

Our research highlights that 95% of users know that clicking on a logo will return them to the homepage of a website. But does this figure mean it is ok to remove the home link on a main menu?

Not necessarily.

Because whilst 95% of users know clicking on a logo will return them to the homepage of a website, only 58% actually use the logo to complete this action.


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