Mobile Web

Design that evolves with technology

Product designers do this great thing where they keep changing screen sizes of mobile devices with each new product release. There are now ‘mini’ versions of tablets, ‘plus’ sizes of smart phones and laptop resolutions that change screen size with an accidental press of a button on the keyboard. We’ve all been there, right?

To avoid your website looking lost or even worse; unreadable on some mobile screens, it’s important to add ‘responsive’ onto your website checklist. A responsive website rearranges your content to fit perfectly on to the screen of each individual mobile user. This avoids content being stretched, hidden, or elements overlapping each other or important information on your site. Nobody likes watching a movie at the cinema where the curtain has fallen back over half of the screen.

A smaller screen also often benefits from features such as lighter/simpler navigation and a faster loading time. We will optimise your site just like ours (shrink your browser window to see it morph into neat stacks) hours of fun - 01522 303100