Website Design

What is your website saying about you?

Your website is your virtual shop window; it shows your customers who you are and what you do, all in a matter of seconds.

Is yours memorable? Does it reflect well on your company? If it was a real shop would you go inside or would you be distracted by the cake shop next door? People have short attention spans, especially when reading on a screen... Come back! I’ll get to the point!...

We design websites around the person actually using them. Not literally; we’ll be in our office, but we’ll keep your audience where you want them. Layout is so important and great usability is key, so we make sure our websites are as easy to use as they are effective.

With WordPress you can update the content of your website yourself so that it stays as fresh as possible. Something that’s always been in high-demand from our clients.

We also work with Ecommerce sites and mobile sites, and speak many different web languages. Click on the page most relevant to you or contact us with any questions - 01522 303100. We promise to answer in English, rather than code. No techno-babble!