Make an impact

The amount of work that goes into an event, show or festival is incredible. From planning, to set-up, to people arriving and then the event itself, a timelapse video captures every moment. No two events are ever the same but with a video you will always remember this one.

Timelapse video is a great way to show just how much hard work and precision goes into preparing an event for your guests. We can capture images throughout the entire set up, as well as the event itself, and then you can watch as it is sped up to reveal the entire thing in just seconds. It creates a beautiful, mesmerising effect that becomes addictive to watch and shows the world how smoothly you can put these huge events & shows together.

Some events we’ve worked with include:

Concerts and shows

Sporting events

County Shows

Conferences and exhibitions

Music Festivals

All of our videos are produced using the latest technology which saves each frame at the highest quality. This means that any images of your choice are perfect to use individually for your marketing and PR.

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Here's some of our latest work: