Construction Timelapse

Capture that one-time, sky-line changing process forever

The construction of a building happens just once, and a timelapse video creates an accurate and factual account of the process. This can be particularly useful to architects or construction companies who want to showcase their skills to new clients, create a PR buzz, or just want to document a really big project.

If you’re not near the site and want to monitor progress, or want to impress investors or other companies involved in the build, a timelapse is also perfect for site monitoring. With our connected (online) timelapse cameras we give you full access to the data via our secure online gallery.

Either at the end of the project, or at intervals throughout the build, we will create a professional video that is perfect for your company and it’s marketing. We put as much time into the editing of the final timelapse video, as we do into the planning and installation. You’ll be left with something truly beautiful that is never rushed or simply piled together.

If you have any questions, we’re very happy to answer them and to suggest the best type of video for your project - 01522 313100

Here's some of our latest work: