A short film with a long life

And an amazing way to play around with time…

A timelapse video creates an almost magical effect, it speeds up time and captures moments that you may otherwise have missed. Messing around with time is incredibly fun but it is also great for documenting events, renovations or demolition and construction, something that only ever happens once.


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From an hour’s sunset to a year’s construction, we will speed up the process so that you can watch it in mere seconds. Pretty cool, right? Our timelapse cameras work with the latest technology which allows us to take high-quality still images to use in every frame. These images can also be used individually, whether that’s for your own marketing material or for press.

With our connected (online) timelapse cameras we provide a site monitoring facility via our secure online gallery. You can check up on progress where ever you are in the world and send updates and photos to investors, stakeholders or clients. A great way to impress them! If you prefer to go public, our web team can integrate a gallery with your website, or we can give your social media team the tools to create amazing content. Do you have an event, a project or an occasion in mind that would be perfect for timelapse? We work across the UK and Europe and would love to help you capture it. Get in touch on 01522 313100.

Here's some of our latest work: