We worked with Homecrafts Joinery to completely rebrand their business. They invested in brand development, a new logo and a range of print materials which include a stunning new brochure printed on to beautiful specialist paper. They also needed digital materials such as their social media profiles and of course a sophisticated new website.

The new brand oozes the same quality and superb finish as their products and is high quality driving enquiries.

We are continuing to work with them on other print materials and we are also creating an online bespoke quotation system for their trade customers.

Visit www.homecraftsjoinery.co.uk


The Challenge

Homecrafts' old branding didn't reflect the quality and craftsmanship in their work, neither did it speak well to the calibre of client they have and wished to maintain. The new brand needed to appeal to the correct audience.

Services Provided

Brand Development
Web Design & Development
Logo Development
Stationary Design
Digital Design

Our Approach

Once we had learnt as much as possible from the client, we then dug a little deeper. We analyised their client base to ensure we built a solid picture of how Homecrafts should be represented. This process provided a good foundations to work from and highlighted various important elements such as the "pride" Homecrafts take in their work, the calibre of client they are targeting and the reasons those clients buy from them.

From this research we were able to put together a colour pallet, photography style, font style and strap line which represented homecrafts and targeted the correct audience.

In the next stage we started to shape the brand. This involved defining how type would be set, how different elements should be represented and positioned in relation to one another, and of course the design of the logo.

This enabled us to create solid graphic guidelines that would set the rules for producing future maketing materals.


The outcome is a beautiful brand, one that is tactile (though the careful selection of paper types), oozes quality and targets the audience perfectly, just as Homecrafts’ products do.

From the client:

“We have seen a change in the type of enquiry as we now get asked more about units, wardrobes, kitchens – things that people didn’t come to us before but now they do. We used to be overlooked for these but now we are right in the frame and this is definitely down to our brand and marketing materials.

“We have been more able to identify with our target market, it enabled us to generate more enquires and more orders for certain products that are more profitable. This was one of objectives when I set out with the rebrand. Our job is made much easier as the people we are targeting perceive us in a very different light and expect quality right from the start, knowing that it may cost more than your average Joe down the road. This was missing before as, other than our actual product, we looked like everyone else in the same profession. Now we stand out.”