Active Arena

From discovery to brand, website, signage and more

The challenge

Active Arena came to us in 2019 with just a name. They were opening a brand new venue in the City of Lincoln, the first of its kind, and needed everything – a brand, signage, a website and a launch marketing campaign.

They knew who they wanted to target, but little about their motivations and how we would create a brand that grabbed the attention of the right people. We set out to:

Define the audience

Make them visible

Build brand awareness

The insights

Target customers value quick and easy access to information | They want a way to see availability and book quickly | Somewhere that is slick and cool, but child friendly | They want a place to gather and socialise | As a brand new type of venue, there was opportunity to build excitement fast

The creative

From brand design to signage, photography and loyalty cards – the Epix team helped to shape the entire Active Arena brand and launch marketing strategy.

Brand design

Want to feel like part of the sport equivalent of the Avengers? Active Arena is the place to do it. A cool brand with recognisable iconography that represents a place every lad, parent and child wants to hang out at – as always, informed by our discovery.

A user experience-driven website

Designed to make the offering clear, booking easy and be a seamless extension of the brand. The painstaking planning paid off when the bookings flooded in with ease!

Visit the website

Signage design

Both branding the venue and clearly directing customers were key to the signage at Active Arena. A site visit identified where people would gather, how foot traffic would flow and where eye lines would be drawn. Clear wayfinding signage and attractive graphics make this a space that is easy to move around and a pleasure to be in.

Facebook advertising & PR

For the opening of Active Arena, our audience profiling work told us to focus our attention on local PR and Facebook Organic and Paid Advertising. We set our sights on building a Facebook community for the arena, and a buzz of excitement for the opening. Once the doors were ready to be flung open, local press coupled with Facebook advertising prompted people to book.

Design services & photography

A suite of photos were taken as part of the brand and website project, and we of course helped with a bunch of other design materials from Sport Bar menus and loyalty cards, to Birthday Party invites.

The impact

Despite needing to stretch the launch marketing to an opening date 3 months later than expected, and opening with limited capacity due to the pandemic, we achieved:


enquiries within 1 month


capacity on the pitches reached in 2 months of opening

2 of 4

leagues filled within 2 weeks


actions via Facebook ads (out of 488,841 impressions)
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