Logo Design

The main ingredient

Your logo is part of the foundation upon which your brand identity is built.

A logo is such an important part of your company. You’ll see it everywhere. On business cards, on uniforms, on mail, on vehicles, on your website; everywhere. It should be your stamp of high quality, something you want people to see and feel instantly reassured that they are in good hands.

We believe that a logo is more than colours, shapes or patterns, different designs show the age of the company, sometimes the location, sometimes the profession, and each project is different because each company is unique.

Working with you, we’ll develop an identity that captures your stand-out qualities and makes you memorable to the right people. Direct eye contact is so creepy yet endearing.

We’ve heard from other clients that finalising or refreshing their logo makes their company finally feel complete, let us know if we can help you complete yours - 01522 303100