Branding & Logo Design

The main ingredient

Your brand is the foundation upon which your marketing communications are built.

A good solid brand is such an important part of your company. You’ll use it to inform all of your marketing and communications. Through your business cards, uniforms, mail, vehicles, on your website; everywhere. It should be your stamp of high quality, something you want people to see and feel instantly reassured that they are in good hands.

Our Process

  1. Planning Every branding project is different, as is each clients budget. We tailor our entire process around you. We'll start by learning about your business and your audience and make a set of flexible and scaleable recommendations.
  2. Brand positioning The research process will vary depending on your needs, this could be anything from some simple internet based reach through to a full brand positioing excersise that includes indepth customer and industry research using a variety of methods.
  3. Brand Pack Each client will get a brand pack, how detailed this is will depend on how in-depth your project was. Your brand pack will be a set of rules and guidelines to ensure all your marketing communications are consistent. Sticking to these rules means your communications have a higher chance of success, as they are based on things we know, rather than things we think we know!

We believe that brand is more than a logo, its the colours, fonts and language you use to comminicate with your audience. Different designs show the age of the company, sometimes the location, sometimes the profession, and each project is different because each company is unique.

Working with you, we’ll develop an identity that captures your stand-out qualities and makes you memorable to the right people. Direct eye contact is so creepy yet endearing.

We’ve heard from other clients that finalising or refreshing their brand makes their company finally feel complete, let us know if we can help you complete yours - 01522 303100


Here's some of our latest work: