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Communicate to the right audience, in the right way.

Before planning any marketing campaign, understanding your audience is crucial. We start every project with a discovery phase, whether that’s reviewing and learning about your brand and audience, or working with you to build that picture.

Then, with that foundation and our in-house expertise in both digital and offline marketing, we’re able to shape strategies that are designed to reach and resonate with your ideal customers.

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Our Process…

Introducing our straightforward model of Strategy, Creativity & Implementation.

Designed to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition whatever your industry.

Understanding your audience leads to a 466% increase in campaign effectiveness.

Identifying who buys your product or service, and why they decide to purchase it, helps to identify the best channels to communicate with them.

We uncover your audiences key motivators to design and implement campaigns with the right marketing messages that captivate their attention.


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    Epix Media: Marketing Solutions

    Your business does amazing things and the world needs to know about it. Marketing is all about how you tell the right people about your products or services. At Epix Media, our internal marketing team can help your business grow. From market research and strategy development, right through to delivering specific campaigns focused around increasing conversions and brand awareness.

    Digital Marketing Online

    Our team are the perfect partners for all things digital marketing, from SEO, email marketing and copywriting, to Google Ad campaigns, Facebook marketing and digital PR. Not only can we help build your campaign strategy, but we can implement it too – utilising our design, web and video teams, we produce creative campaigns that really engage your target audience.

    Offline Marketing Campaigns

    Not all marketing is done online. By creating fully integrated marketing communication plans, we can use a mix of platforms to reach your audience. Our team can help you deliver targeted direct marketing campaigns, print advertising, PR and event marketing.

    If you’re looking to boost your marketing, get in touch with our team by filling out the form or calling us on 01522 303 100.