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Full-service graphic design is a big part of our studio.

Our multi-award-winning agency delivers engaging brands and creative graphic design for print and digital marketing channels.

From full-scale branding projects to interactive print design, we create visual communications that will wow your audience and give you an advantage over your competition.

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Here's the Proof...

Explore our previous design & branding projects.

Engaging and functional design that draws in audiences and sets our customers apart.

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Our Process…

Introducing our straightforward model of Strategy, Creativity & Implementation.

Designed to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition whatever your industry.

For every £100 spent on design, turnover can increase by £225.

Studies show businesses that strongly invest in their design see remarkable improvements to their turnover.

Amazing design gives a substantial advantage.

Our Strategy, Creativity, Implementation process has been created to make your design project even more powerful.


Reference: The Design Council

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    Epix Media: Creative Design Agency

    Graphic design is vital to how brands visually represent themselves, and consistency is key to successful design. Using keen problem-solving and creative flare, our graphic designers create original brands and artwork centred around success. Design is a big part of our Lincoln-based studio, our broad knowledge and expertise bring something new and exciting to every project.

    Digital Design

    When it comes to digital design, our designers utilise User Experience (UX) design principles. This ensures that your website design is created around how website visitors interact and in a way that encourages them into action. Looking for a creative design agency to help with creating content marketing visuals? We can also assist with making many online and digital content marketing visuals to be used on social media platforms.

    Print Design

    For print, our agency can design artwork for leaflets, brochures, booklets, exhibition stands, posters, promotional items, signage, business stationery, vehicle wraps and much more. When designing for print, we like to understand what medium it’ll be printed on, how it will be used and who it is for. This helps to design something that will be successful in its delivery.

    Contact us if you’re looking for a design agency to start your next print or digital project by filling in the form or calling us on 01522 303 100.