Training Videos

‘Hey, remember that rivetting Health & Safety talk?’

Said no one, ever.

A video is so much more engaging than being talked at. Plus with a video you’re not limited to a single performance, you can show it to multiple members of staff at whatever time suits them.

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We like to be creative with our training videos, finding new ways to keep the audience’s eyes on the screen. For example, recently we included CCTV and 'point of view' style shots in a customer service video to demonstrate the key points in an unusual and more interesting way.

We can easily create different versions to suit different audiences and languages. If you wanted a shorter site induction video to play in the foyer of your building, for example, we could created a trimmed version to get the major points across in a smaller space of time.

Video is a flexible, easily understood and more memorable format of communicating important facts and information to a wide audience. Do you have a policy or procedure that you’d like your staff to remember? We can make that happen.