Promotional Video

Tell them they need you

Your clients need to know two things; what it is that you offer and how that benefits them. And they would like to know in a matter of seconds. A video is the most effective way to do that.

The biggest strength we have in our video team is flexibility because video comes in so many formats. We create videos that shows your best qualities. If that requires diagrams then we can animate those, if it involves a timelapse video then we have all the equipment we need. We work from concept right through to creation, from scriptwriting to editing. The important thing is that it is engaging, memorable and persuasive.

What do I need a promotional video for?

  • Embed it into your website – videos are great for Google rankings and for keeping customers on your site for longer
  • Showcase your company’s brand image and personality – show the world who you are and what you stand for
  • Launching new products or services – tell the world what you have to offer
  • Public relations – shout about what you’re great at and tell your stories
  • Play in the reception of your building – add some professionalism and get a chance to cross sell
  • Case studies and testimonials – offer peace of mind. Demonstrate how you have already helped others

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