As Christmas draws ever closer, we thought now would be a good time to sit down with the Epix team, reflect on the year gone by and look forward to what 2018 may bring!

So sit back and relax while you learn more about us here at Epix HQ…


What have you learnt this year?

 Julia: Just because a decision is tough, it doesn’t mean that the end result can’t be amazing!

 Will: I’ve learnt that whilst all of Team Epix are talented, energetic, creative people, we’re all ruthlessly competitive. The less said about the BBC Radio Lincs song game the better…

 Tom: Shia Labeouf has sooo many layers.

 David: Tom has sooo many layers.

 James: Opportunities always come when you least expect it.


What’s your fondest memory of 2017?

 Zoe: Getting to take the team and some clients to another awards do, where we were “highly commended” for our April Fools recruitment campaign! It was lovely to be recognised for an Epix project 😊

I’ve got to say, our office cheese day was pretty amazing too – we had so much cheese we had to extend it to the next day!

 Lisa: Visiting Japan in May was a highlight. The food was incredible! Konnichi wa!

 Tom: My favourite memory of this year has to be eating take-out food, while watching a DVD on a laptop, with my partner on the very first night in our new house!

 Will: There have been a number of times this year when I’ve stopped and realized how lucky we are to work on the range of projects that we do. We’ve filmed some truly incredible people!

 David: Taking delivery my new MTB, a close second would be my daughter’s first sentence (Daddy I’ve got a biscuit). Epix-wise it would be the indoor picnic we held in the office.

 Sy: There are too many! It been an incredible year, buying our dream home, getting married and of course… becoming part of Team Epix!

James: Joining Epix Media of course! Eyyyyy!

 Julia:  There have been so many amazing things happen to me this year but one of the highlights was joining Team Epix. Oooh, I can see a theme here!


Favourite Christmas memory?

 Will: One year I was meant to go on holiday over Christmas with my family, but they went without me. It was scary at first, and a few intruders tried to break in to the house, but after a hugely enjoyable two hours of setting traps I was reunited with my parents.

Wait – that’s Home Alone. Nevermind…

 Lisa: When I was a teenager, my Mum would let me loose in Boots, Supermarket Sweep style, around 3 weeks before Christmas. I had 15 minutes to pick up anything I wanted and then it got hidden away until Christmas day.

 David: Dancing with my daughter to Christmas songs at full blast, with all the lights out except the Christmas lights.

 Sy: It was 2010, my brother took part in the ‘3am Christmas Day Chicken Nugget Challenge’. First to 40 nuggets, he made it to 38, a close second. Well done Paul.

 James: It has to be last year. Staying up till 7am with friends dancing to Christmas songs and other mischievous activities that are best never mentioned. All I recall is a tuxedo, Skype and shotgun happening at one point… Needless to say, Boxing Day dinner was a write-off.


How will you be spending this Christmas?

 Zoe: Trying to keep the cats out of the Christmas tree, and relaxing! 🐱

 Lisa: Seeing lots and lots of family, and eating lots and lots of pigs in blankets.

 Tom: This year, I’ll be spending Christmas with my family at my sister’s café, drinking plenty of beer and eating good food!

 Will: In the traditional way – eating too much and catching up on films.

 Julia: We’re hosts to my parents this year for Christmas dinner. Just a little bit scared at the thought of having to be a grown up!

 David: With my family, my wife’s family and our extended family. Also, I plan on watching all the Christmas movies I watched as a child with my daughter, starting with Star Wars (it’s a Christmas movie, right?)

 Sy: Beer.

 James: Probably dressing up in lots of Christmassy accessories, looking absolutely splendid!


Any New Year’s Resolutions?

 Tom: Not to make any resolutions and to eat all the food.

 Will: I prefer to set goals rather than resolutions. There will be some around creativity, travel, health and fitness, and some academic ones too. The shortlist is already quite long…

 Julia: I’m not into new year resolutions. If something is worth changing, I don’t wait until new year 😊

 David: It maybe a little early but to avoid anything Star Wars related until I’ve seen episode 8.

 James: To carry on learning and taking opportunities when they come.

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