WordPress 4.0 is here!

wordpress 4 is here

WordPress 4.0 was released yesterday sporting some pretty cool new features which we think will make editing loads easier for our clients! It’s only a small set of new features, but we think they’ll make a big difference.

Some of our fav new features include:

Embedding media


Thanks to the update, to embed your companies new YouTube video all you have to do is paste the URL in to the page and, as if my magic, it will turn the link in to an embedded video with a live preview in the editor! Best of all you can do this with more than just YouTube videos, but tweets, instragrams, vimeo and loads more – check out the full list here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

Improvements to the editor


The page/post editor now expands as you write, as well as making sure those pesky tools don’t disappear out of view on longer pages or smaller screens. A very simply change, that just makes editing with WordPress on a day-to-day basis much more pleasent!

The Media Library


Whilst most of our clients probably access the media library via an individual post or page, the updates to the actual library (accessible via the “Media” menu item) are a welcome change for us! Your now presented with a beautiful set of thumbnails in a tiled view, with better filtering (by media type as well as date) plus editing and preview tools that make so much more sense!


Welcome to the internet WordPress 4.0, its good to have you here!

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