Websites are completely useless (sometimes)

websites are completely useless

This month is all about completely useless websites – we found the wonderfully wacky – and we think you’ll love it.

Many of the websites featured on The Useless Web lack any real rhyme or reason, which makes it great for procrastination! Be warned, though, that you should only visit this website when you have a fair amount of spare time – it’s a little addictive. If you are strapped for time however, we’ve picked our favourite three for you to take a look at!

So, take a few minutes to enjoy wasting your time with these fantastic completely useless websites!

DISCLAIMER: We only make useful websites 🙂


Staggering Beauty


This website is…difficult to explain. Move your cursor around the screen to see how the little guy follows your movement. Wiggle your mouse as fast as you can to see how he reacts! Contains flashing images.
Try it out!

Koalas to the max!


This will be the best koala based dot game you’ll play today – we guarantee it! Simply swipe your cursor over the dot to make them divide into four smaller dots. Watch as an image is revealed, and refresh for a new picture!
Click and play!

Pug Puppy, anyone?


Here is a website showing you a pug puppy licking your computer screen. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the cutest.
Take a look!

The Useless Web


If you’ve enjoyed our little taster of the Useless Web, have a look at the full site to see what pointless wonders await!

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