We’re really excited to unveil our latest web project, a bespoke WordPress build for the creative, innovative music development charity soundLINCS.


Like many clients, they needed a site that was easier to navigate, easy for them to update and that reflected their unique personality. The design brief was pretty much “go and have fun with it”, so a style was developed that incorporated simple text with bold colours and prominent images.

To add interest, homepage elements drop into view and there are small mouse-hover elements to enhance the interactivity, but perhaps best of all are the interactive circles that appear when you click in the white space (the background) to the sides of each page! The circles ripple outwards and play a custom synth sound, designed by soundLINCS themselves, and along with the “gizmos” page means there are lots of ways to dive in and explore sound for yourself.

And despite the neat touches we’ve been able to inject for them, they really can still control everything!

It’s been enormous fun to work on, and we hope you have fun exploring the site too! http://www.soundlincs.org

January 2014 Newsletter - Happy New Year! Happy birthday, World Wide Web!

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