Our March-tastic newsletter!

by Zoe K
Marchtastic newsletter

Happy March!

This month has been an exciting one for us here, as we were very proud to have won an incredible award for ‘Best Use of Multimedia’ at the first Lincolnshire Digital Awards! It was a fantastic night filled with some great high calibre projects across the multimedia spectrum, and we were thrilled to have been recognised for our collaborative Video Card project with HomeLet. Our win has definitely left us all so excited! For now, though, we hope you enjoy our monthly delivery of delicious delights from all over the web and video world.

Where else can you learn about endangered animals, check the waiting times for a dinosaur feeding and offer your eyes to a stranger, all without leaving the comfort of your seat?! Enjoy!


Species in Pieces

This fantastic website uses morphing polygons to explore a range of endangered animals in a beautiful and interactive way.

1 - Species in Pieces


Visit Jurassic World Today!

The marketing team for the upcoming Jurassic World movie have just turned the competition up to 11 with this remarkable website depicting it as a real amusement park, and we really want to go!

2 - Jurassic World


Air: Sin City

Photographer Vincent Laforet brings us this series of breath-taking 10.8K images, taken almost 9,000 feet above Las Vegas at night. This is well worth a look!

3 - Air


Be My Eyes

This app connects those with visual impairments with a volunteer, in order to receive help via a video call. From checking food expiry dates to reading a road sign, thousands of people are being helped each day.

4 - Be My Eyes


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