Filming a Landmark: Lincoln Cathedral

by Zoe K
camera filming in a historical place

The Lincoln Cathedral is known throughout the country for its grand history and renowned architecture – it’s a building that has stood the test of time and is undeniably the staple and signifying landmark for the City of Lincoln.

In recent months the Cathedral celebrated the finished refurbishment of their Father Willis Organ, an instrument “proved to be the last cathedral organ finished by ‘Father’ Willis himself, and one of his finest instruments. It also has the distinction of being one of two Willis organs in English cathedrals to retain its original tonal scheme.” – Cathedral Blog.

Luckily the team here at Epix had the pleasure of documenting this incredible refurbishment project. By working closely with both the Cathedral Works Department and Harrison & Harrison’s team of world leading organ specialists, we created a mini documentary that we’re all very proud of.

 Here’s what some of our team had to say about working on the project:

Tom – Camera Operator

“The first time I stepped foot in Lincoln Cathedral with all of our kit, I couldn’t believe my luck. There I was, in arguably one of the most stunning buildings in the entire county and I get the pleasure of filming it, all of it, even the hidden nooks and crannies the everyday visitor wouldn’t ever know existed.

“When working in video you sometimes face challenges; not every location lends itself to good composition and finding that perfect shot can be a time consuming process, but here I was spoilt for choice. The Gothic architecture is wonderfully extravagant and draws the eye to so many different points, it’s a really vast space and I like to think I captured that in my establishing shots of the building.

“Being up in the triforium overlooking the Cathedral was an eye-opener, when you’re down on the ground you don’t realize how much of the Cathedral is hidden away but for the guys from Harrison and Harrison this was the norm.

“The interviews and footage we got from the Harrison and Harrison team couldn’t have gone better, they had a myriad of knowledge and the type of character that you want to capture when interviewing for something of this calibre; and filming the team during the restoration, getting to see heritage skills being used was a wonderful experience in itself”.



Stef – Video Editor

“As an editor, it’s always a highlight to be able to work with footage that not only looks stunning, but also contains a fantastic story, so working on the Cathedral Organ Documentary was amazing. It was incredible to hear all about the once-in-a-generation process that was being undertaken in one of the most iconic buildings in Lincoln, and even more fun to construct the story to share with the rest of the world!

“One of the biggest hurdles in terms of putting the edit together was choosing which parts of the story wouldn’t be included in the final version. The first cut came to a whopping total of 22 minutes long! (I may have gotten a bit carried away!) It was important to make sure that the story of the refurbishment was easy to digest, so a few edits later we reached our final duration of just over 9 minutes.

“It was also really important to keep a steady pace throughout the video – I was very keen on allowing the natural beauty of the Cathedral – in both the open public spaces and the hidden parts of the organ tucked away in the triforium – to be appreciated as much as possible by the viewer, so allowing the shots to breathe was a priority.

“I’m really proud to have helped put this project together, and hope that everyone has as much enjoyment watching the finished film as we had making it!”.


If you haven’t yet seen the documentary then check it out below!

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