Little-known time-lapse video uses – part 1

by Zoe K
little known timelapse video uses part 3

In corporate communications, marketing and advertising, time-lapse videos are most often about construction projects, so we thought we’d share some of the other kinds or projects that can be promoted with time-lapse. If you want to find out more about how time-lapse works, check our previous blog post. 

Renovations make fascinating time-lapse videos. They capture a transformation and from the old emerges the new.

Here at Epix we use the term “renovation” pretty loosely to mean a timelapse where something is being improved. That can be the decoration of a room in a stately home, a factory installing a new machine, a hotel being refitted or a ship getting a fresh coat of paint – anything where big effort is going into making something better – and that should be celebrated with timelapse.

If a company is investing in something new it should be shouted about. Yes, on the face of it they may just be making their warehouse bigger or installing a faster machine, but each of these are investments in providing a better service. It’s a competitive advantage and a promotional opportunity – make the most of it by sending updated images to trade press, posting them on social media or having a timelapse video created to be the centre of a digital marketing campaign.

Take a look at the renovation time-lapse we shot for Ruddocks as part of their marketing campaign around their large investment in a new printing press. It started conversations with existing customers about how Ruddock’s printing services were faster with even greater capacity, a 2-in-1 PR and marketing excercise.

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