3 years, 100 themes and many cups of tea!

by Zoe K
100th wordpress theme

It’s an exciting week here at Epix HQ  as we celebrate the development of our 100th WordPress theme! Our web and design team have been very busy, generating a huge collection of custom-built WordPress websites over the past three years. These individually created themes have ranged from rebuilding static websites into a much more user-friendly WordPress platform, to creating completely bespoke in-house website designs and functionality that works seamlessly with WordPress. Our themes have been created for a variety of clients, including business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations.

WordPress, which started life as a simple little blogging system, has now become one of the most valued content management systems, allowing users to utilise themes, plug-ins and widgets to customise their sites.

There are huge advantages to having a WordPress theme tailor made for your needs. Firstly, you can ensure that the design, look and feel are bespoke to your company. Having a site with your own company branding throughout highlights your professionalism, whilst also reflecting the personality of your business. A custom made theme would also improve the functionality of your site as it would allow for much more freedom in how your site is presented, whereas a standard theme may leave your options limited. It’s always great to stand apart from the crowd, and what’s more unique than a theme for your WordPress website made completely, utterly and unequivocally for you?


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