Welcome to the Office!

We are an award-winning creative company based in Lincoln UK, who work with clients all over the world.
There’s no better feeling than building a great relationship with a client, we’ll keep you up-to-date at every stage of the project, we encourage all kinds of questions (no matter how silly you think they are) and we always meet our deadlines, more often than not delivering ahead of schedule.

Epix Media: Effective communication

Great communication is about making an impact and establishing a connection with your audience. It hits you right between the eyes. In a good way.

One of the best parts of our job is having the flexibility to tailor a project to meet your budget. We know not all companies are the same size, so we don’t like to be sizeist. We simply focus on sharing our knowledge (eg. ever heard the word ‘sizeist’ before?) to help communicate your brand in the most unique and effective way. Whether you need a full rebrand, a small WordPress tweak, or a brand new video to add to your existing website, we have it covered. We do everything from script writing to post production and promise to tell you if you have food on your face before appearing on camera... We’ve not only built a team that we are proud of but one that continues to produce work that we are proud of too. So who’s who at Epix Media and how do they somehow make huge tasks less scary?

Zoe is the design and web guru. With more than 10 years experience crafting creative and strategic projects, she’s responsible for bringing many new beautiful marketing materials in to the world. Zoe’s degree is in Media Production and background in Web Development means she only needs one screen to master multiple dimensions.


Director & Senior Web Developer

Will runs the video side of the company, where his skills know no bounds. From conception to scriptwriting to directing, filming and editing, he has produced high-end videos for over 9 years. If you don’t want to be on camera he will offer an alternative, what a nice guy! And he’s forever bursting with creative ideas.


Director & Videographer

James joined the team in 2017 and is responsible for crafting creative unique campaigns for our clients, managing ROI driven PayPerClick campaigns and helping to market Epix Media too!


Creative Marketing Manager

Lisa works hard to ensure every user gets that WOW factor when they arrive on your website! She has become a master of HTML and CSS and loves nothing more than adding that extra bit of polish to our sites to ensure they stand out from the crowd.


Web Developer

Stefania works across all areas of the video production process, from idea and concept generation to on-location shooting, through to all areas of post production. With so many types of video available, Stef has the experience and creativity to always bring something new to your table. You’re welcome, table.


Editor & Animator

Sy has over 7 years of experience in print and screen design and loves applying his wealth of knowledge and creativity to both our client projects and Epix ones too!


Senior Graphic Designer

Julia supports everyone in the Epix team and generally helps to keep things moving. You’ll most likely meet Julia if you call the office or have the pleasure of receiving an invoice from us!


Office Assistant

Tom joined team Epix with 2 years of film making experience under his belt. He loves nothing more than tinkering with the camera and cutting together beautiful videos for our clients.


Camera Operator & Editor