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What is your website saying about you?

Your website is your virtual shop window; it shows your customers who you are and what you do, all in a matter of seconds. Is yours memorable? Does it reflect well on your company? If it was a real shop would you go inside or would you be distracted by the cake shop next door? People have short attention spans, especially when reading on a screen… so we’ll get to the good stuff – want to know how we work?

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Our Process

  1. Planning We learn as much as we can about every business we work with. We want to know about your aims and objectives, your audience, why they buy from you and what you need your website to achieve.

    We also like to review any existing website analytics so we can ensure your new website doesn’t alienate current users or remove content that is already important to them or that already successfully drives enquiries!
  2. Idea Generation As part of the planning process we like to reseach your industry, see what your competitors are up to and also look at industries that might have similar audiences. We also assess your business and the requirements you have set out. All this allows us to create ideas both for the design and functionality that will add value.
  3. Design Visuals All our hard work and planning means our design stage is very well informed. We create static visuals for the key areas of your new site, discuss them with you, then adapt and modifiy these until you are happy to sign them off. Only then do we start the build.
  4. Build The length of this stage will vary depending on the complexity of the website. We take the signed-off visuals and build your new website, check it in lots of different browsers, make it mobile responsive and insert any existing and new content you have provided. Then it will be ready for you to review.
  5. Delivery Once you're happy we can get your site live. This is often the most exciting part for our clients.

    We have a thorough go-live process which includes installing security tools and analytics. Clients can host with us or elsewhere, it's entirely up to you. We also provide training and a step-by-step guide to so you and your team can easily manage and update your new website each day.

As you can see, we design websites around the person actually using them. Not literally; we’ll be in our office, but we’ll keep your audience engaged. Layout is so important and great usability is key, so we make sure our websites are as easy to use as they are effective.

Our bespoke sites don't use any templates but are still super easy to manage. With WordPress you and your team can update the content so that it stays as fresh as possible.

We also create Ecommerce sites that are flexible and easy to use. All our sites are mobile responsive and we speak many different web languages. Take a look at some of our work or contact us with any questions on 01522 303100. We promise to answer in English, rather than code. No techno-babble!

Here's some of our latest work: